QT3-20 Block Making Machine

QT3-20 Block Making Machine
Main Technical Specifications of QT3-20 Block Making Machine:
Dimension 5130x3860x2520mm
Rating pressure 8MPa
Vibration Table vibration
Vibration frequency 3800-4200r/min.
Pallet size 680x535mm
Cycle time 15-20sec.
Power 19.95 kW
Weight 3808kg
Main Features of QT3-20 Block Making Machine:
1. The stratiform colored layer can be fed with the simple horizontal two-time distribution system;
2. The pressing and vibration are combined organically and the finished products are high density and have excellent capability;
3. The block making machine offers compact structure, simple operation, convenient maintenance, steady capability, efficiency and good practicability.
Block and Brick Models
Items Size(LxWxH) Pcs./Mold Pcs./Hour Pcs./8 Hours One Year (300days) Production
Blocks 390x190x190mm 3 540 4,320 1,296,000
Porous Bricks 240x115x90mm 8 1,920 15,360 4,608,000
Solid Bricks 240x115x53mm 18 4,320 34,560 10,368,000
Holland Bricks 200x100x60mm 10 1,440 11,520 3,456,000
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