Bulldozer TY230

Bulldozer TY230
Main Features of Bulldozer TY230:
1、It adopts Cummins NT855-C280S10 turbocharged diesel engine, featuring strong power and superior performance.
2、The new hexahedron cab has beautiful appearance, wide view, vibration absorption seal, and comfortableness.
3、The electronic monitoring system with sound/light alarm function is very sensitive and the visual monitoring is very convenient.
4、The cab seat can automatically adjust the angle and height, and it has the ergonomically designed operation system, which makes it more convenient and easier to operate.
5、The independent ROPS device improves operation safety.
6、It can be equipped with straight tilt blade, U-shaped blade, angle blade, single/3-tooth scarifier, applicable to various work conditions.
7、The drive parts and wear parts made by military technologies feature high strength, good toughness and high wear resistance.
8、 The travel system adopts sprayed beam swing type, equalizing bar semi-rigid suspension structure, and the ground contact length of the track is also extended, which ensures good buffering effect during high-speed travel. It features smooth travel, comfort operation, and good adhesiveness.

Main Technical Specifications of Bulldozer TY230:
 Bare machine  19950kg
 With straight tilt blade  25740kg
 With straight tilt blade,scarifier  28460kg
 Max.traction  221kN
 Ground contact length  2840mm
 Ground pressure  0.076MPa
 Min.ground clearance  405mm
 Min.turning radius  3.3m
 Track center distance  2000mm
 Single (straight tilt)blade capacity  7.8m3
 Productivity (haul distance 30m)  505m3/h
 Max.gradeability  30°
 Rated engine power/speed  169kw(230hp/2,000rpm)
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