Wheel Loader QM956H

Whether working in applications such as load and carry, heavy construction, truck loading, agriculture, material handling or recycling, the Wheel Loader QM956H are the all around front end bucket loaders you can depend on. Built with a trusted heritage of wheel loader expertise since 1989, Wheel Loader QM956H are loaded to help you raise your productivity. And with a wide range of versatile buckets and attachments, they are ready to help you raise your profitability.

Wheel Loader QM956H
Main Technical Specifications of Wheel Loader QM956H:
 Rated load  5 t
 Shovel volume  2.7-4.2 m3
 Weight of complete machine  16.5 t
 Unloading height  3450 mm
 Unloading distance  1070 mm
 Sum of lifting, dumping and falling time  10.8 s
 Power of engine  162 kW
 Minimum fuel consumption  215 g/kW.h
 Maximum dig up force  175 kN
 Steering angle  37ยบ
 Maximum driving speed  38.5 km/h
 Outside of tire  6420 mm
 Outside of shovel at transportation  6900 mm
 Overall size (L x W x H)  8430X3000X3370 mm
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