Bulldozer DT140B

Bulldozer DT140B
Main Features of Bulldozer DT140B:
1、Shanghai 6135AK-10 engine, new type of suspension spring support, good vibration absorption effect.
2、It adopts helical cylindrical gear drive transfer case and transmission, the transmission features 5 forward gears and 4 reverse gears, mechanical control, gear shift collar, featuring high drive efficiency and low noise.
3、It adopts constant open main clutch with multi-disc wet friction disc and hydraulic boosting and the constant engaged steering clutch with multi-disc wet friction disc, which is convenient to operate.
4、The final drive adopts 2-stage straight teeth and large displacement gear reduction for great traction force.
5、The bulldozing work device adopts hydraulic system of pilot control which is easy to operate with less effort; the oil cylinder is front-installed which reduces the system pressure; the control valve is mounted outward; the big oil tank improves cooling effect and the reliability of hydraulic system.
6、The hexahedron cab and full closed cover, the patented appearance, heating ventilation, wide view, and convenient maintenance.
7、The machine has good overall configuration, compact structure, reasonable gravity distribution, and good stability; the machine body and undercarriage has good buffering effect.
8、The optional devices include automatic oil filler, automatic track tension device, air conditioner without freon, scarifier, etc.

Main Technical Specifications of Bulldozer DT140B:
 Items  Unit  Parameters
 Engine Model    6135AK-10
 Rated speed  r/min  1800
 Rated power  kW  114
 Operating weight  kg  17,800
 Operating weight(incl. scarifier)  kg  19,400
 Max.traction  kN  141
 Ground pressure  kPa  ≤68
 Track shoe width  mm  500
 Longitudinal  °  30
 Transverse  °  25
 Min.ground clearance  mm  350
 Dimension(incl. scarifier)L×W×H  mm  6,320×3,762×3,114
 5 Forward gears, 4 reverse gears  km/h  2.52~10.61
 Travel speed  km/h  3.53~10.53
 Angle blade width×height  mm  3,762×1,048
 Max.lifting height  mm  1,000
 Max.cutting depth  mm  400
 Horizontal slewing angle of angle blade  °  +/-25
 Bulldozing force  N  ≤24
 Scarifier digging angle  °  50
 Max. scarification depth  mm  500
 Max.lifting height  mm  510
 Scarifier teeth  piece  3
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