QT5-15 Block Making Machine

The block making machine QFT5-15 (5 stands for the production quantity of 5 blocks "400x200x200mm" per mold, 15 stands for the cycle time of 15 seconds) has the production output of 7,200-9,600 blocks (400x200x200mm) or 100-136 cubic meters for one day (8 working hours). As the molds are changeable, the block making machine is able to produce different types of blocks/bricks. This popular medium size of block making machine is the one used by most of our customers.

QT5-15 Block Making Machine
Main Technical Specifications of QT5-15 Block Making Machine:
Dimension 6600x2090x3000mm
Rating pressure 21MPa
Vibration Table vibration
Vibration frequency 2800 - 4500r/min
Pallet size 1100x560mm
Cycle time 11-25sec.
Power 35.88kW
Weight 9360kg
Block and Brick Models
Items Size(LxWxH) Pcs./Mold Pcs./Hour Pcs./8 Hours One Year (300days) Production
Blocks 390x190x190mm 5 900 7,200 2,160,000
Porous Bricks 240x115x90mm 16 3,840 30,720 9,216,000
Solid Bricks 240x115x53mm 32 7,680 61,440 18,432,000
Holland Bricks 200x100x60mm 18 2,592 20,736 6,220,800
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