Wheel Loader QM988H

No matter the application, you can depend on Wheel Loader QM988H. These versatile and efficient machines can handle heavy construction, truck loading, agriculture, material handling, recycling and more. Built on more than 50 years of wheel loader expertise, the Wheel Loader QM988H utilizes innovations like Tier 4 technology and electro-hydraulic controls to deliver the quality and performance you expect from a Wheel Loader QM988H. Add a wide range of buckets and attachments to these class-leading machines and watch your profitability rise.

Wheel Loader QM988H
Main Technical Specifications of Wheel Loader QM988H:
 bucket capacity (m3)  4.5
 rated load(t)  8
 operating weight(kg)  29000
 total time of three items(s)  <13
 max. towing force (kN)  260
 max. gradeability(°)  25
 minimum turning radius(mm )  6800
 minimum turning radius(mm )  348
 LengthxWidthxHeight  9580×3520×3840
 wheel base(mm )  3700
 track width(mm )  2530
 rated power(kW )  247
 rated rotation(r/min)  2200
 max. torque(N.m)  1350
 min. Fuel consumption(g/kW.h)  200
 torque converter type  grade 1st intergrated torque with four service wheels
 torque ratio  3.7
 transmission cases type  countershaft hydraulic power shift
 numbers of gears  four forward gears and two reversing gears
 main transmission type  spiral-taper-gear final drive
 wheel reducer type  spur gear planetary reduction
 steering system type  full hydraulic amplified coaxial flow articulated frame steering
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