Wheel Loader QM966H

Queen Machinery Co.,Ltd has been the trusted global leader for wheel loaders since 1989, and the Wheel Loader QM966H are ready to help you do more with plenty of versatility and a wide range of buckets and attachments. For applications such as material and waste handling, civil construction, recycling, lumber yards, log handling, quarrying and agriculture, this is your solution.

Wheel Loader QM966H
Main Technical Specifications of Wheel Loader QM966H:
 rated load (t)  6
 bucket capacity(m3)  3.4
 gross weight(t)  20.2
 dishcarge height(mm)  3432
 discharge distance(mm)  1400
 three-item time(s)  <12
 rated power of engine(kw)  175
 minimum fuel consumption (g/kW.h)  230
 maxium excavating force(kN)  175
 turning angle(°)  ±36
 gradeability(°)  25
 minimum turning radius(mm)  6170
 overall dimension (lengthxWidthxHeight)(mm)  8540X3090X3692
 gear number of transmission case  forward:four, reverse:four
 speed om fprward amd reverse gear-I(km/h)  0-5.71
 speed om fprward amd reverse gear-II(km/h)  0-11.33
 speed om fprward amd reverse gear-III(km/h)  0-24.80
 speed om fprward amd reverse gear-IV(km/h)  0-49.30
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