Excavator QM822LC

Excavator QM822LC
Main Features of Excavator QM822LC:
1、Advanced ESS electronic control system meets the requirement of all kinds of operation conditions.
2、Effective and reliable inverted flux hydraulic system provides man-machine-in-one operation feeling.
3、Powerful engine shortens the construction period for the customers.
4、Comfortable operation environment increase the working efficiency of the driver.
5、Adopt brand rollers and track to ensure the service life of undercarriage.
6、Easy and convenient operation, maintenance and repairing decreases the use cost of the customers.
7、Reinforced structural parts are reliable and durable.

Specifications of Excavator QM822LC:
Machine weight 20700kg
Bucket capacity 0.91m3
Engine Model ISUZU 6BG1TQB
Output 117kW/2150rpm
Swing speed 12.5min-1
Travel speed (high/low) 5.1/3.3km/h
Ground Pressure 43kPa
Gradeability 35°
Overall Dimensions of Excavator QM822LC:
Overall width of upper structure 2710mm
Undercarriage width 2990mm
Overall height of cab 2920mm
Rear swing radius 2750mm
Rear length 2714mm
Upper height of counterweight 1965mm
Transport length 9500mm
Boom height in transportation 2910mm
Ground clearance of counterweight
(shoe bar height excluded)
Wheelbase (Guiding wheel center
to drive wheel center)
Overall length of undercarriage 4460mm
Track width 600mm
Track height 910mm
Mini ground clearance
(shoe bar height excluded)
Overall width 2800mm
Track gauge 2390mm
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