Wheel Loader QM952A

Wheel Loader QM952A is a wheel loader that never compromises. It is a complete whole where the machine, the lift arm system, and the attachment together make up a dynamic unit, a solid combination of power and intelligence. It's fast, smooth, and stable, and lifts both high and heavy. A durable loader that handles the toughest jobs, around the clock, day or night.

Wheel Loader QM952A
Main Technical Specifications of Wheel Loader QM952A:
 bucket capacity (m3)  3
 rated load(t)  5
 operating weight(kg)  16500
 total time of three items(s)  10.8
 max. towing force (kN)  175
 max. gradeability(°)  25
 minimum turning radius(mm )  5890
 minimum turning radius(mm )  415
Main Features of Wheel Loader QM952A:
1、Reasonable  layout ,  compact structure,  beautiful and generous appearance .
2、Optimized design of work  attachment. the capacity of the machine, breakout force, discharge height, discharge distance and three-items time , all is reached or exceeded the national standard indicators of high-class product, with high operating efficiency.
3、Hydraulic system of work attachment  uses a direct operation of dual-link stick under the set operations of control valve, eliminating the internal operating resistance of the flexible shaft, greatly reducing the manipulation of fatigue, the effect is comparable to the pilot control.
4、steering system uses fully hydraulic articulated steering system of coaxial flow amplified, so the steering is light and flexible,reducing energy loss by combining the hydraulic system of work attachment.
5、Excellent performance diesel engine is to improve power system reliability and economy.
6、With fully enclosed cab, heater system configuration, and an optional single-cold air conditioning, high-gear shock absorber seats, etc., operating environment is comfortable and safe.
7、Rear short wheelbase articulated steering.  the rear frame is  using box-beam structure so that it is  durable and easier to repair.
8、the traditional torque converter of military technological superiority, full power shift transmission box with fixed axis, high-intensity military axle, all is advanced technology, reliable quality.
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